Monday, November 24, 2008

The giving tree

In regards to my previous post I want to give an update of my giving tree picks so far this year,

The first was a newborn baby girl, (Since I can only seem to get boys, 4 of them) I thought I would really have fun with this since now I have a baby girl!!!

The tag said that they needed onesies and diapers. So I purchased a bunch of onesies, of course they were pink ones! And then I had to get her some sleepers. I also put in 7 pair of shoes which she should be able to wear throughout the first year, there like Robeez. I loved these for my kids. One toy of course and some sweat pants, to go with some of the tops. Now all I have to get are some diapers and maybe some socks. I got mom a couple of pair of cozy socks.

The other tag was for a 17 year old asking for some fleece lounge pants and a fuzzy body pillow. So far I have gotten her two pair of fleece lounge pants and a couple pair of cozy socks, I still have to get the body pillow, not sure what else to get? Any ideas?

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